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Welcome to the world of dates, freshly from our farm in Saudi Arabia. We hope you are ready to explore it!


Our long-established farm, called “Al Mutlaq Farms” has existed since 1959 in Al-Qasim in Saudi Arabia.
We grow our dates with expertise and great passion to ensure high-quality dates for you. Our dates are cultivated by hand on our private farm.


Our brand “Nabtati” is an Arabic word, which means “my little plant”.
Our company Nabtati Food Agricultural Company was established to bring customers worldwide a new and authentique taste, a substitute to the more common dates, generally found in California and North Africa.


We also aim to show how you can include healthy and delicious dates in your daily life.


We stand for quality in the processing of our dates from A-Z, offering our clients nutritional and mouth-watering results. We offer classic, elegant, gourmet, as well as practical bulk packaging. To sum it up: we do our best to fulfil your needs.

We invite you all to come visit us on our farm.
We would love to welcome you there!


Saudi Arabia is blessed by nature with its year-round sun. The Al Quassim area is especially favoured by its location, fertile soil and groundwater.


This is where the Almutlaq family has cultivated its “Sukkari” dates for over 50 years; improving the harvest year by year, eventually leading to  “Sukkari Almutlaq”  becoming a brand itself.


Nabtati Food Agricultural Co. is the new development arm
of the Almutlaq farms.


The Almutlaq farms are expanding their palm groves to produce the finest “Sukkari” dates, nurtured by the sun,
and offering gourmet connoisseurs the best of what
nature can provide.


Sukkari is cone-shaped with undulating folds on its skin.
Ranging from golden yellow to light and deep brown tones, Sukkari has a caramelized, fruity taste and a soft, silky honey aftertaste.


These dates are a pure, mouth-watering treat.


Sukkari dates are ideal for use in pastries, cakes, salads,
smoothies, ice-cream or cooked dishes.


Mixing them with nuts, candied citrus fruits, chocolate or any combinations of these three heightens the ecstasy to new heavenly limits.


Energy booster thanks to its carbohydrates


Digestion regulator due to its natural water-soluble fibers


Immunity enhancer thanks to its minerals and vitamins


Rich in anti-inflammatory magnesium


Magnesium acts as a shield for the cardio-vascular system against arthritism and Alzheimer